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Electronic surveillance and higher education

These are only the stories that came across my radar during just the last 4 months.   Harvard secretly photographed students to study attendance (Boston Globe, 11/5/14) Harvard University has revealed that it secretly photographed some 2,000 students in 10 lecture halls… Continue Reading →

This week in learning innovation – 02.08.15

[This is the latest in a series of weekly posts chronicling examples of learning innovation that come across my Web radar. All of the weekly posts are tagged as twili.] OK, OK, so I’ve completely failed at the whole “weekly” thing.  I’m… Continue Reading →

Disposable assignments and intellectual StairMasters

David Wiley calls them “disposable assignments.” These are assignments that students complain about doing and faculty complain about grading. They’re assignments that add no value to the world – after a student spends three hours creating it, a teacher spends… Continue Reading →

Assessment and online learning

Yesterday, Gardner Campbell, Tom Woodward and I had a tremendous opportunity to present our vision for online learning at VCU to the VCU Board of Visitors.  We had 1/2 hour (during their lunch!) to deliver a playful and informative learning… Continue Reading →

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