Shiny, happy Twitter

In stark contrast to my post about the “less than stellar” aspects of social media, I thought I’d share what happened tonight.

This is what happens when you take the time and energy to cultivate a network of amazing educators through Twitter (or, probably, any other form of social media).

2014-01-10 21_18_49-Twitter _ jonbecker_ My 8 yr-old reads well above ...

2014-01-10 21_19_41-Twitter _ jonbecker_ My 8 yr-old reads well above ...

2014-01-10 21_20_47-Twitter _ jonbecker_ My 8 yr-old reads well above ...


2014-01-10 21_21_17-Twitter _ jonbecker_ My 8 yr-old reads well above ...

2014-01-10 21_38_55-Twitter _ jonbecker_ My 8 yr-old reads well above ...

2014-01-10 21_22_17-Twitter _ jonbecker_ My 8 yr-old reads well above ...


That all happened within 40 minutes of my tweet.

[NOTE: for clarification on the substance of the conversation… my son reads ALL. THE. TIME. He has a book in his hands ALL. THE. TIME. He mostly reads nonfiction (lately, he can’t get enough of the Basher Books). This, in and of itself, is not a problem. It’s just that whenever we’re in the bookstore or the library, it is very hard to find fiction books that are “right” given how well he reads AND that are also “right” substantively. Fortunately, through the exchange above, we have some new options to check out. Thanks, y’all!]

[NOTE #2: capturing multiple screenshots and pasting them together is probably not the best way to capture the full Twitter conversation, but it got the job done. If there’s a better way to do this, I’m open to help.]

4 thoughts on “Shiny, happy Twitter”

  1. Tom says:

    While this isn’t Twitter, I’ll at least give you a semi-annotated bibliography of what I’ve read with my kids. Take all with salt tablets and double check me.

    They’ve read a fair amount on their own. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid was popular with my 6 year old. My opinion is less favorable. John liked My Side of the Mountain when he was around 7 or 8 and much more obscurely The Old Man and the Boy.

    The Lightning Thief series was pretty good. I don’t think it’s creepy but I may or may not be a good judge. I didn’t care for the latter books in the Lost Hero series and I didn’t think much of the The Red Pyramid series at all.

    The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series was pretty decent as well with some interesting references across history and mythologies.

    Fablehaven was good but probably of the creepy level (although it might be worth keeping in mind for later). They’re a bit dark but I thought pretty good.

    The Ranger’s Apprentice series were semi-popular but fairly formulaic.

  2. Jon Becker says:

    Thanks, Tom.We’ll check out those titles.

    As for the Twitter help, well, I’m not an Apple juicer. But, you knew that…

  3. Tom says:

    Late additions from my kids- Encyclopedia Brown, The Magic Tree House, Artemis Fowl.

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