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Preparing for just-in-time remote teaching/learning

[NOTE: Face-to-face classes at VCU have not been canceled (yet!); the guidance we have received so far is to prepare for a move to distance education. So, this morning, I sent an email to all of my colleagues in the… Continue Reading →

A book project

I have long struggled to imagine myself writing a book. Even as an “academic” for over 15 years, writing a book never appealed to me for a lot of reasons, ranging from priorities to impostor syndrome. Many of those reasons… Continue Reading →

Distance education pot of gold – a follow-up

Yesterday’s post elicited a couple of comments and an inquiry from a reporter. Rather than respond to comments individually and just email the reporter, I figured I’d put my answers into a follow-up post. Michael Berman’s comment is worth addressing… Continue Reading →

Distance education – pot of gold?

Most public institutions of higher education that I know of are chasing a pot of gold at the end of the distance education rainbow. In other words, in an effort to increase revenue grow enrollmentĀ “make higher education more accessible,” these… Continue Reading →

Pigeonholing myself

As I transition back to being “just” a tenured faculty member, I spend much of my time thinking about how I want to spend my time come Fall. While this transition is not of my own choosing, I have come… Continue Reading →

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