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Pigeonholing myself

As I transition back to being “just” a tenured faculty member, I spend much of my time thinking about how I want to spend my time come Fall. While this transition is not of my own choosing, I have come… Continue Reading →

More about online learning in Virginia

About 6 weeks ago, I wrote about efforts underway to advance online/distance education across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since then, I’ve talked to some folks involved, attended a hearing in the General Assembly, and received updates from folks “in the… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 2/27/17 #365project

New NBER Study on Online Education is Deeply Flawed -e-Literate — Phil Hill (@PhilOnEdTech) February 27, 2017 This morning, while scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I was greeted by a link to a new study about online learning. Caroline… Continue Reading →

Virginia Online U?

There is a significant amount of legislative and policy activity here in Virginia to try to centralize, to varying degrees, post-secondary online learning. That’s a bit of an oversimplification, so let me offer some history and context as I know… Continue Reading →

Dispositions and habits of/for connected learning

Next week, we begin the next iteration of what we call the Online Learning Experience (OLE), an intensive faculty development experience for VCU faculty members who will be teaching an online course. Our approach to faculty development has morphed from… Continue Reading →

The Online Learning Experience (OLE)

In my last post, I invited you all (both of you?) to follow and learn along with two online summer courses taking place right now. Today, I’m inviting you to learn and follow along with our signature faculty development initiative…. Continue Reading →

The Online Learning Experience: Faculty Development for Online Learning at VCU

  This week, the VCU ALT Lab team begins the 3-day, face-to-face Institute part of an intensive faculty development experience we’ve collectively developed. Called The Online Learning Experience (OLE), the experience actually consists of three parts: (1) Pre-Institute Activities where… Continue Reading →

Team Oneder

This is mostly a message to the VCU students in Section 010 of UNIV200 this summer. But, it’s here for anyone to read. I suppose, in that way, I’m modeling writing and learning “out loud.”1 We’ll be doing that together… Continue Reading →

Community matters

Remember when MOOCs, very specifically those offered through Coursera, Udacity, and edX (the so-called “xMOOCs”) were going to destroy higher education as we know it? Well, a funny thing happened… Turns out fancy content delivery platforms don’t get the job… Continue Reading →

“There‚Äôs also that whole online learning thing.”

A month ago, I read with great interest Bryan Alexander’s post about colleges preparing to sacrifice the queen. In that post, Bryan includes a number of links to articles about colleges and universities cutting departments and programs “to save money… Continue Reading →

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