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Open faculty development

Last week, at Educause 2015, I had the privilege of sharing the ALT Lab story alongside Gardner Campbell, Tom Woodward and Molly Ransone. We each quickly shared the aspects of the work that we do in VCU ALT Lab. Gardner… Continue Reading →

My little story of open sharing

The great Alan Levine (aka Cogdog) has been collecting/curating “…moving, personal stories that would not have been previously possible, enabled by open licensed materials and personal networks.” I’ve always found these stories really inspiring and great support for the work… Continue Reading →

This week in learning innovation

I’ve been known to bemoan the state of #highered Twitter from time-to-time. Mostly, I decry the seemingly endless negativity about #highered among those within #highered. Many of the issues raised are serious issues, no doubt. And, maybe I just follow… Continue Reading →

The LMS qua training wheels

Here’s a recap of a three tweet conversation exchange today. It started with a live tweet by Jesse Stommel of Jim Groom’s presentation at #et4online. Derek Bruff responded with a very fair question, and I responded as you see below…… Continue Reading →

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