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Tweet of the day – 11/12/17 #365project

I LOLd. SNL's Che on @pwcdanica victory – her opponent was "in fact so homophobic that he refused to get within 8 points of her." — Tom Perriello (@tomperriello) November 12, 2017

Tweet of the day – 10/26/17 #365project

When guys from NJ (@EdWGillespie) & NY (@realDonaldTrump) champion Confed statues as "our heritage," what could "our" mean but whiteness? — Tom Perriello (@tomperriello) October 26, 2017

Tweet of the day – 5/22/17 #365project 

It’s not every day that you reach out to the 2 Democrats running for Governor in Virginia and one responds… Happy to try! What are you looking for in your next governor? — Tom Perriello (@tomperriello) May 22, 2017 (Click… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 3/26/17 #365project

Another thing people might not know about @MissyElliott: Ainigriv morf si ehs! — Tom Perriello (@tomperriello) March 26, 2017 Tom Perriello is running for Governor here in Virginia. He’s an interesting candidate who is fighting an uphill battle. Today,… Continue Reading →

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