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(#thoughtvectors) Welcome to the #WonderPeople

[This is the contents of an email I sent on Wednesday to the students in my section of UNIV200  this semester. The class will get started in earnest next week, but I wanted to try to inspire them a little… Continue Reading →

A challenge to the #thoughtvectors and #ds106 communities

I have been waiting to reveal the video below for a while. I don’t remember exactly how we got here, but I know it’s the result of working with wonderfully zany and creative people. Shortly after we knew we would be teaching… Continue Reading →

Research and writing in the digital age: A #thoughtvectors Hangout and Twitter backchannel

Today, as part of the #thoughtvectors course, we held a Google+ Hangout with a couple of our awesome VCU librarians. We discussed some key concepts around the inquiry project, where students will be demonstrating their understanding of research and writing… Continue Reading →

On why I didn’t invite my students to a #BlogParty

Each of the 6 instructors in our UNIV200 digital engagement pilot (aka Inquiry and the Craft of Argument, aka Living the Dreams: Digital Investigations and Unfettered Minds, aka #thoughtvectors…) is leading students through the learning experience a little bit differently…. Continue Reading →

“As we may think”: Vannevar Bush meet Stephen Wolfram

In As We May Think, from 1945, Vannevar Bush wrote: Logic can become enormously difficult, and it would undoubtedly be well to produce more assurance in its use. The machines for higher analysis have usually been equation solvers. Ideas are… Continue Reading →

What I feel like when I think

When I think, I feel… like this.   And like this…   And I feel worried about being this  

Team Oneder

This is mostly a message to the VCU students in Section 010 of UNIV200 this summer. But, it’s here for anyone to read. I suppose, in that way, I’m modeling writing and learning “out loud.”1 We’ll be doing that together… Continue Reading →

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