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Tweet of the day – 08/16/17 #365project

#charlottesville singing — Chris Suarez (@Suarez_CM) August 17, 2017

Tweet of the day – 08/01/17 #365project

More of this, please.

Tweet of the day – 07/24/17 #365project

The Mooch did his homework. — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) July 24, 2017

Tweet of the day – 06/29/17 #365project

This IS, in fact, the future that liberals want… Second time might be the charm for @JohnnyManuel. #AGT — America's Got Talent (@AGT) June 28, 2017 /    

Tweet of the day – 06/27/17 #365project

The normalization of sexual harassment. This is just not OK. But, nothing matters anymore… That moment when the president of the US treats an international reporter like a goddamn pageant contestant. — shauna (@goldengateblond) June 27, 2017  

Tweet of the day – 06/22/17 #365project

The draft of the Senate’s health care bill was made available today. By most expert accounts, it’s awful. I hope more Senators get confronted like this: This woman's daughter with cancer would lose her insurance under Trumpcare – and she… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 06/16/17 #365project 

Yes, I am a big Yankees fan. Yes, I don’t much care for Red Sox fans. This kid, though… This 5-year-old boy has had 3 heart surgeries in his short life. Watch his incredible reaction as he finds out he's… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 06/12/17 #365project 

Shot… Trump went around table listening to his Cabinet praise him Reince: “We thank you for the opportunity & the blessing…to serve your agenda” — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) June 12, 2017 CHASER! GREAT meeting today with the best staff… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 05/28/17 #365project

I have more to say about this. It involves German words. But, it’s too late tonight. More soon… Here's the video of Merkel's speech in Munich saying that Europe can't rely on the US & the UK anymore and "must… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 05/26/17 #365project 

She is us. We are her. It me… mood: — deray (@deray) May 26, 2017

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