I’m feeling especially thankful at this point in time. Undergoing major surgery probably does that to people. Regardless, at the risk of leaving out people and/or things…

Thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff at Parham Doctors Hospital. Since arriving there by ambulance on August 24 in extraordinary pain, y’all have been incredibly kind, competent and caring. Between then and now, I spent just about 10 days in your hospital around two different surgeries and they were not just tolerable, but quite pleasant. Every single nurse or staff member I encountered was pleasant and engaging as needed. A particularly heartfelt thanks to Megan, my nurse for 3 consecutive days during my stay last week. You are the best.

Thanks to medical technology. I’m something of a technologist in the field of education and I’m not easily impressed. But, from the surgical tools to the PCA pump (pain meds on demand FTW), it’s no surprise that I could survive what I underwent. Hug a biomedical engineer, y’all.

Thanks to everyone I work with at VCU for, generally, being awesome. I am especially thankful that, during this ridiculously crazy semester  of being in and out of hospitals, working from home while healing, etc., folks stepped up and helped me in countless ways. A huge shoutout in this regard to my #VCUALTLab team. You guys all inspire me with your dedication, creativity and commitment to the cause of learning innovation and student success. You also humble me with your care and kindness; every single one of you.

Thanks to my parents who drove down from New Jersey to Richmond, VA immediately  after my first surgery so that I could recover in relative peace while they helped my wife with the kids and general household endeavors. And, thanks mom and dad for being there even when you weren’t actually there.

Finally, thanks to my wife and kids. In the last 3 months (3 months!), we endured two major surgeries, sold a house, packed a house, bought a house, moved a house, and more… and that’s above and beyond the usual craziness of life. And, because of those surgeries, I was rendered pretty useless beyond basic transactional tasks. My wife is a genuine superhero, y’all.





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