Tweet of the day – 1/14/17 #365project


Wait, your tweet of the day is a retweet of one of your tweets? Remember folks, my #365project, my rules. 🙂

Gardner’s retweet gave me great joy. We’ve been ripped apart professionally (at least formally), but I read Gardner’s RT as a nod; a gesture to say, “I still see what you’re doing, Jon.” And, that means a lot.

Today was a travel day as I made my way home from Providence, RI. As I was driving home from the airport tonight, I was thinking about making Gardner’s RT my tweet of the day and how I’d justify giving that huge honor ((LOL)) to a RT of one of my tweets. Mid-thought, a commercial came on my radio for ASU Online. There’s either a deep irony there or a wild coincidence that I can’t explain; I don’t know, I’ll leave that up to the English professor to clarify for me. Either way, the commercial felt like a sign that I had to make this the tweet of the day. And, so it is.

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