Tweet of the day – 12/10/17 #365project


There are a lot of things I don’t understand about Trumpism and Trumpism. Chief among them is the parroting of things he says that are demonstrably false. When he says something like “NAFTA is a bad deal…” I can understand how the modal Trumpist might not know enough to think critically about it. But, this “War on Christmas” nonsense? “We’re saying Merry Christmas again!” What a joke.

1 thought on “Tweet of the day – 12/10/17 #365project”

  1. Two things that might help:

    1. Most Trump supporters aren’t watching videos of Barrack and Michelle Obama doing positive things like saying Merry Christmas. Echo chambers are incredibly effective when deploying fake wars.

    2. The War on Christmas is a perfect example of an echo chamber war and is used to influence those for whom Christianity is their primary personal identification and around which they organize their lives and activities. They already feel as though they are under attack for their values and having to consider other religions during the season seems like just another way to silence their voices. Let’s just say they haven’t added Dar Williams’ to their playlists:

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