Tweet of the day – 1/24/17 #365project

Today, the destruction of our democratic republic continued. Among today’s developments, the Trump administration ordered certain federal agencies to seriously curtail their communications with the public and with lawmakers. This seems to run counter to Sean Spicer’s declaration the other day that President Trump has a “healthy respect for the First Amendment.” But, then again, Sean Spicer told us he wouldn’t lie to the American public. So, up is down and down is up and… we’re going to die.

After the federal agencies were contacted, a park ranger with the Badlands National Park Service sent out a bunch of tweets stating facts about climate change. Not #alternativefacts, just facts. But, by all accounts, @badlandsnps deleted those tweets1. Well, early this evening, a spoof account, @BadlandsNPS2 came along as the “schmofficial account” of the Badlands NPS and started tweeting jokes. Funny, funny jokes. Today’s tweet of the day is one of those jokes. It’s pretty much everything for me since it takes a right hook to the Trump administration’s favored #edreform approach. Politics, education, sports. You produce a tweet that combines any two of those three, and you’ve got a good chance to be the tweet of the day.

Bravo, @BadlandsNPS.

  1. many, many folks got screenshots before they were deleted, of course. Nice job, Internet. []
  2. who knew that account names were case sensitive? []

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