Tweet of the day – 1/4/17 #365project

After the longest break I’ve had in a very long time, today was the first day I was back “on the clock.” That means my new professional status starts to take hold. While there’s work to be done as I finish out my current contract, I will be spending lots of time over the next 8 months planning for life as a plain old professor again. As I’ve said before, among other things, it’s an opportunity to start anew and to rethink my identity as a scholar. So, Kin’s tweet really resonated today. While I’m truly privileged to not have to worry so much about making a living, I will be doing lots of thinking about work I can do that is personally meaningful, that I enjoy, and that truly matters in the world.

Also, it so happens that before bedtime, my daughter asked me to read her a book. I told her to pick a book off the bookshelf, and she chose… Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss.

So, yeah, today was a day about the places I’ll go. Thus, Kin Lane gets today’s Tweet of the Day.

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