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In Friday’s post, I included a few links to articles about Steve Bannon that collectively paint a fairly complete picture of who he is. Today was a bit of a coming out party for “the other Steve,” Stephen Miller, President Trump’s wunderkind senior policy advisor. Miller appeared on a number of Sunday morning news shows where, among other things, he doubled down on the blatant lies about voter fraud.

So, who is Stephen Miller? Well, like me, he is a graduate of Duke University. I hope that’s the only thing we have in common. Slate ran a lengthy piece about Miller last month that covers what he wrote while at Duke. A little over a week ago, the News & Observer ran a piece about Miller’s path from Duke to the White House. Here’s a striking bit from that article:

“He’s the most sanctimonious student I think I ever encountered,” said John Burness, Duke’s former senior vice president of public affairs and government relations. “He seemed to be absolutely sure of his own views and the correctness of them, and seemed to assume that if you were in disagreement with him, there was something malevolent or stupid about your thinking. Incredibly intolerant.”

Today, Univision published a long piece about Miller’s time in high school. That article is linked in today’s tweet of the day. I invite you to read it to see what an awful person he was even in high school. We got some independent confirmation of what’s in the Univision article from a couple of guys who went to school with Miller. Here’s Charles Gould:

and here’s Major League Baseball player Cody Decker:

So, yeah, the President of the United States is being advised mainly by Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, two blatantly racist, “incredibly intolerant” men.

Tell me again about “economic anxiety?” And tell me about GOP legislators like Paul Ryan who are bowing to this dumpster fire of an administration just so they can get Obamacare repealed and some tax cuts? GTFOH. Any legislator who works with this administration owns the agenda of Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller.

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