State and local service (narrative)

Virginia Professors of Educational Leadership (VPEL)

During my five years on the faculty at the VCU School of Education, I have been an active member of the Virginia Professors of Educational Leadership (VPEL). I have attended every meeting (once per semester each academic year). After agreeing to manage the VPEL Listserv, I was nominated and elected to the position of secretary for the Virginia Professors of Educational Leadership (VPEL). This required taking notes at both meetings during the 2010-11 year and maintaining the organization’s listserv. I am no longer the VPEL Secretary, but I continue to manage the Listserv and advise the officers on modern communications strategies.

Chesterfield Public Engagement Session

I was invited as an “expert” to a public engagement session held by the Growth Task Force commissioned by the School Board of the Chesterfield County Public Schools.  As part of their efforts to contend with the growth occurring within the county (and, therefore, the schools), one consideration is “alternatives to bricks-and-mortar” schools.  On May 12, 2009, I attended a public engagement session where I was able to share and discuss my understanding about the value of distance learning options.

Albemarle County Tech. Planning Committee

The Albemarle County Public School District was re-writing their division’s technology plan in the Spring of 2010, partly because they were due for a revision and partly in response to the Virginia Department of Education’s new technology plan.  The leadership of this school division is passionate about creating relevant, meaningful learning experiences for students in the 21st Century and I was thrilled to be asked to serve as an outside member of their technology planning team.  I attended one of the meetings of this team face-to-face and a few of the meetings I joined by videoconference. A draft of the plan was completed and sent to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) for approval.

VASCD Webinars

On a monthly basis over the course of AY 2009-10, I facilitated/lead webinars around issues of educational technology and school leadership. These hour-long webinars were sponsored by the Virginia ASCD and were open to educators across the Commonwealth as well as anyone across the country (and internationally) to whom we could get word of the events.  These webinars were held through Wimba Live Classroom and were based on the following topics:

  • Educational Technology and School Leadership
  • Educational Technology – Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Free Speech Rights of Teachers and Students in the Digital Age
  • Information Privacy – FERPA, FOIA, etc.
  • The law and ethics of Internet filtering
  • Technology Tools for School Leaders


NOTE: This is the final page of the tenure narrative. Additional tenure materials are located on other pages, including the Annual and External Review Materials page(s). 

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