Syllabi (selected)

In the Fall 2009 semester, I took a new step in my evolution as a teacher. On the first day of the course I was teaching (ADMS 707 – The Politics of Education), as is customary, I handed out a syllabus. I then immediately proceeded to tell the students to rip up the syllabus. They did so, with some funny looks on their faces. After that, I asked them two questions: (1) What do you want to learn this semester? and (2) How do you want to learn this semester? I wanted them to guide their own learning. Ultimately, our “course” was managed and documented by a wiki syllabus.  Feel free to click around and see what that was all about.

Since then, I have only “rolled my own” course management systems, starting from wiki-like platform, Google Sites. For example, for ADMS 647: Educational Technology and School Leadership, I built two mirrored course sites HERE and HERE. There’s no real “syllabus” per se, but there is a course schedule with links to the page with information for each week’s expectations and activities.

As a point of comparison, the syllabus below is for ADMS 647 in Spring 2009, the last time I used a more traditional syllabus. Following that are the syllabi I used in prior courses at VCU.

ADMS 647 (Spring 2009)

Edus710 Syllabus (Fall 2008)

Edus710 Syllabus (Spring 2008)

Adms611 Syllabus (Spring 2008)

Adms611 Syllabus (Fall 2007)

September 29th, 2010 by Jon Becker