Tweet of the day – 07/02/17 #365project

This morning, President Trump tweeted a video of himself attacking another person outside of a wrestling ring with the CNN logo superimposed over the face of the attacked. It was… unpresidential, at best. And, it’s the latest salvo in Trump’s attacks on a free press. In and of itself, the tweet was bad. But, it’s the larger narrative and pattern that’s so problematic.

The other day, my tweet of the day was about the Kobach Commission. Then, I wrote “Voter suppression efforts + gerrymandering feel like the biggest threats to our democracy right now and we must #resist.” To that, I should really add attacks on the freedom of the press.

In the wake of Trump’s tweet this morning, Brian Klaas re-shared an article he wrote about Trump (see tweet below) . Klaas wrote a book about despots; he knows what he’s talking about. And, you’ll note in Klaas’ article that voter suppression + gerrymandering + attacking the media are part of what makes despots. It’s a major part of the path to authoritarianism. Read the article if you missed it back in January.

And, a little follow-up reminder…


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