Tweet of the day – 1/23/17 #365project

I might have to rename my #365project “Twitter thread of the day.” This is now the 2nd tweet of the day that was actually the beginning of a good thread/string of tweets (again, click on the timestamp of Korte’s tweet to see the whole thread).

I know Twitter has some serious problems around harassment, microaggressions, abuse, etc., and I’ve been leaning with those who’ve recently said that they can no longer ask students to use Twitter as part of a course. But, I would still like to run a completely elective course where students know what they’re getting into where we follow lots of really informative Twitter accounts to supplement other forms of media and content. For example, imagine a course running this semester that’s an interdisciplinary course cross-listed between political science and journalism. Among the accounts the students follow is Gregory Korte, White House correspondent for USA Today. Then, this morning, after President Trump issued a few executive orders, students see Korte’s Twitter thread on executive orders vs. memorandums (and proclamations later in the thread). The thread starts with a link to a 2014 article Korte wrote which is very informative. That article includes lots of links, including one to a Harvard Law Review article written by Elana Kagan, former Clinton associate White House counsel. Oh, the associative trails student could blaze just by having followed Gregory Korte this morning!

Now imagine the students following bunches of political reporters and conversing about what they’re seeing, both using Twitter and perhaps a blog. It would be real-time, timely, relevant connected learning.

So, yeah, maybe I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching in the Fall…

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  1. You and I have talked about how to use Twitter as part of a course. I still use it but in a very informal way. I think you’ve got a good idea here. To really dig into Twitter as a contemporary mode of communication, it needs to be the focus and the intersection of poly sci and journalism is a perfect spot for situating it.

    It appears that much of the White House messaging is going to come through Twitter. And there are pockets of insightful discussion on Twitter that, as you point out, lead to a wealth of resources to help use learn and better understand the perspectives. It’s up to us to make sure we guide students who are new to Twitter to those underlying connections that get them beyond Twitter.

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