Tweet of the day – 1/31/17 #365project

Today, President Trump announced that he is nominating Neil Gorsuch to fill the seat on the Supreme Court of the United States that opened upon the death of Judge Scalia. Earlier in the day, Senator Oren Hatch, when asked about Democrats boycotting the votes on Cabinet nominees Mnuchin and Price, said what’s quoted in the Frank Thorp tweet to which @nycsouthpaw responded.

For months and months, I’ve been furious over the fact that the GOP did not ever “advise and consent” on President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee because it came in the last year of his presidency. I still don’t understand why there wasn’t more outrage over this. I suppose, like too many other things, it’s because people *assumed* that Hillary was going to be the next President. ¬†Nevertheless, for ANY member of the GOP to claim “obstructionism” over Cabinet nominations or SCOTUS nominees is the height of hypocrisy; it’s the very definition of hypocrisy. And, it needs to be called out.

So, @nycsouthpaw, you get today’s tweet of the day.

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