Tweet of the day – 4/28/17 #365project 

Quick story: back when Barbara Byrd -Bennett was running the Cleveland Municipal School District, I was doing some evaluation research there. One day while I was visiting the head of research and assessment in the district office, the whole central administration was called into an auditorium in the building to hear from Byrd-Bennett. It was an impromptu, all-staff meeting. So, I went with my host and heard what felt like a really inspirational speech from Byrd-Bennett. It was, I thought at the time, a genuine display of leadership. I was super impressed and figured Byrd-Bennett had a tremendous career ahead of her as an urban schools superintendent. 

Well, if you read the article Kevin Carey links to, you will see the rest of the story (if you didn’t already know). What a #shitshow. Anyone who steals money from kids who need it most deserves serious punishment. Barbara Byrd-Bennett is getting what she deserves.

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