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Let’s not harden our schools

The more you whine, the more I assign. This past weekend, we were in the Science Museum of Virginia, in a lab, attending a demonstration of a dissection of a cow’s eye. My son and my daughter sat in the… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 4/22/17 #365project 

#MarchForScience So bad even the historians are here. #science #sciencemarchBHM #sciencemarch #ScienceNotSilence — Science March BHM (@SciMarchBHM) April 22, 2017 "What do we want?""SCIENCE!""When do we want it?""TIME IS A CONSTRUCT!" — Steve Kandell (@SteveKandell) April 22, 2017… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 1/10/17 #365project

What can the anti-vaccination movement teach us about improving the public’s understanding of science? — Bud Talbot (@Bud_T) January 10, 2017 Today was a day of lots of… ummm… “interesting” tweets. Dare I say it was a golden day?… Continue Reading →

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