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Tweet of the day – 10/17/17 #365project

I don’t know if I will do a tweet of the year, but, if so, this is an early contender… Ah, work day for us. Game time is 5:08pm, if you're not busy. — New York Yankees (@Yankees) October 17,… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 08/14/17 #365project

It’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to invoke the politics + sports rule. not everyone is handling this aaron judge slump well — Erik Malinowski (@erikmal) August 15, 2017 (And here is the tweet he… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 06/16/17 #365project 

Yes, I am a big Yankees fan. Yes, I don’t much care for Red Sox fans. This kid, though… This 5-year-old boy has had 3 heart surgeries in his short life. Watch his incredible reaction as he finds out he's… Continue Reading →

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