Tweet of the day – 1/11/17 #365project

Yeah, yeah, it’s Thursday morning and I’m first posting Wednesday’s tweet of the day. Sue me. I told you I was likely to fail at this #365project. Anyway…

The big “event” of the day was President-elect Trump’s first press conference since not just the election, but since the Democratic National Convention. And, an “event” it was. Pure theater. I hated it (naturally). What made me most stabby was how he takes the American public for fools. Does he *really* think we’re buying his attempts to “isolate” himself from the Trump Organization? Isolation is not divestment; it’s also not a blind trust. 

And, those manilla folders? We’re supposed to believe those are anything but a prop in this theatrical performance? Come on…

So, yeah, Judd Legum, you get the Tweet of the Day.

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