Tweet of the day – 1/3/17 #365project

I was on a bit of a road trip with my family for most of the day today, so I didn’t see Twitter much. But, I did check in long enough to catch this tweet from Mark Sample. Mark often makes me laugh on Twitter, and this tweet was no exception.

(BTW, random observation: Across Twitter and Facebook, I’ve probably seen a couple of dozen people say whether they liked or didn’t like Rogue One. All but 3 that I can remember liked the movie. The only 3 that didn’t like Rogue One were sports broadcasters/journalists: Seth Davis, Alexi Lalas and one other that’s not coming to me right now… Why do sports broadcasters/journalists hate Rogue One?)

Anyway, Mark Sample, this tweet made me laugh and on some days, that’s all it will take to earn my tweet of the day.

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