Tweet of the day – 2/15/17 #365project

I worked from home today as I’m stuck inside of a cervical collar after a bout of vertigo. As I was writing something for work, I was also watching the press conference with President Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Towards the end, a reporter (from Israel, I believe) asked the question transcribed above. It was a great question. President Trump’s answer was anything but great. It was pathetic actually. I’m simply amazed at how hard it is for President Trump to just say the word “Jewish.”

Adam Schiff is a U.S. Representative from California and the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee. He happens to be Jewish as well. (Turns out, his wife’s name is Eve. Thus, they are Adam and Eve. Fun fact.) So, yeah, Adam Schiff, you get today’s tweet of the day.

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