Tweet of the day – 3/11/17 #365project 


(Pretend this was posted yesterday, mmkay?)

I’ve spending the weekend with my sister and two cousins. I really grew up with these cousins, but we’ve hardly seen each other over the last 25 or 30 years. We live in different places, but largely via Facebook, have been in touch, particularly in the last few years. So, we decided to convene in NYC with no significant others and no kids; just us for a couple of days. It’s been a wonderful time, and it’s amazing how it feels like we’ve hardly been apart.

Our gathering/reunion was capped off last night when we went to see the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. It’s about a high school boy, and anxiety, and social media, and, and, and. It’s an extraordinarily psychologically complex show that just wrecked me emotionally. It triggered some issues for me as a parent, but in a beautiful way. On the way out of the show, I felt like those old commercials for ET: “I laughed, I cried, I’d see it again…”

I don’t know how much the story linked to in the tweet from the show’s official Twitter account will resonate if you haven’t seen the show. But, it sure moved me.

I understand tickets for the show are impossible to get. I even heard someone say Dear Evan Hansen is the new Hamilton. But, if you get a chance to see the show, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Also, it’s based on a novel that I think I’d like to read now. You, too?

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