After graduating cum laude from Duke University with a B.A. in Public Policy Studies in 1994, Jonathan Becker received a law degree and a masters degree in curriculum and instruction from Boston College Law School and the Boston College Graduate School of Education in 1997. Additionally, in May of 2003. Jonathan earned a Ph.D. in the Politics of Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Prior to beginning his professorial career, Jonathan served as Research Director at Interactive, Inc., an educational research and consulting company. In his capacity at Interactive, Inc., Jonathan directed and was involved in a number of research projects focused mostly on the achievement and equity effects of educational technology. Framed largely as mixed-methods evaluation research, these studies ranged from small-scale studies of school-based programs to federally funded statewide evaluations. As a principal investigator in a federally-funded study, Jonathan pioneered the use of novel data collection techniques including the use of desktop monitoring software to gauge file activity on classroom-based computers.

From September 2002 to August 2007, Jonathan was an assistant professor in the Department of Foundations, Leadership and Policy Studies in the School of Education and Allied Human Services at Hofstra University. In September 2007, Jonathan became an assistant professor in the Educational Leadership Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, Jonathan where he taught courses in school law, the politics of education, educational technology and school leadership, and educational research methods.

In July 2013, Jonathan was named the Director of Learning Innovation and Online Academic Programs at VCU. In that role, he helped build and oversaw the Academic Learning Transformation Lab (ALT Lab). He served in that role until August 2017.

Currently, Dr. Becker is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at VCU.


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