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Distance Education Across State Lines

[NOTE: this post serves as a model/example for students in my summer course, but I am also happy to share it with the public through this blog.] A recent article in Inside Higher Ed. features Ohio’s Eastern Gateway Community College,… Continue Reading →

Tweet of the day – 08/19/17 #365project

😂🤣😂 The very sole of our nation depends on it — Bored Man Gets Paid. (@GeeDee215) August 19, 2017

Storytelling with Educational Data

A little more context beyond that Twitter conversation: This summer, I am teaching two sections of the same course in our Ed.D. program1. The course is titled, “Communicating Research Findings,” though that is probably not the perfect name. The course… Continue Reading →

OPMs in the news

Looks like it’s OPM Week. I wish I knew in advance; I’d have dressed more appropriately. Kevin Carey, the vice president for education policy and knowledge management at New America and director of the Education Policy program there, got us… Continue Reading →

“On Nonscalability” of teaching and learning

The original impetus for European sugarcane plantations was to obtain sugar not controlled by Muslims, but Europe was generally too cold to grow cane. When European voyages of discovery revealed warm new lands, investors raced to sponsor cane planting. By… Continue Reading →

Higher ed. boxed in?

Two recent articles about higher education are about academic innovation more broadly, but raise a specific issue about information systems in higher education. In the first, Matt Reed, Vice President for Learning at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, wrote… Continue Reading →

A book project

I have long struggled to imagine myself writing a book. Even as an “academic” for over 15 years, writing a book never appealed to me for a lot of reasons, ranging from priorities to impostor syndrome. Many of those reasons… Continue Reading →

Regulating Social Media

(Double entendre warning…) Over the last 4+ days, I have been reading a LOT. A few of the articles I read kind of hung together in my head. The headlines below are linked to the articles if you would like… Continue Reading →

“Canceling” online classes

Based on the current forecast information and the unpredictable nature of hurricanes, VCU will close from Thursday, September 13, through Sunday, September 16. All classes, including online classes, are canceled due to the approach of Hurricane Florence. That’s the language… Continue Reading →

Data/Information + Security/Privacy: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

[NOTE: I was honored to be asked by the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals (VASSP) to be a presenter at the School Law Institute of their annual conference. The Institute was on Sunday and I am posting the text… Continue Reading →

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