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This week in learning innovation – 10.19.14

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[This is the 3rd in a series of weekly posts chronicling examples of learning innovation that come across my Web radar. All of the weekly posts are tagged as twili.] I had to scramble to find items to include this week. That’s not a great sign, in week 3. But, remember, This Week In Learning Innovation […]

This is how I read

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One of these days, we’re going to do a “This is how I work” series for the VCU ALT Lab team. It’ll be much like the lifehacker series that I love.  For whatever reason, I’m totally fascinated by how different people work. I’m particularly interested in how people in similar life and professional spaces as […]

This week in learning innovation – 10.12.14

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[This is the 2nd in a series of weekly posts chronicling examples of learning innovation that come across my Web radar. All of the weekly posts are tagged as twili.]   Things are getting worse on the internet, not better, at the very moment when the internet in all of its forms is becoming part and […]

This week in learning innovation

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I’ve been known to bemoan the state of #highered Twitter from time-to-time. Mostly, I decry the seemingly endless negativity about #highered among those within #highered. Many of the issues raised are serious issues, no doubt. And, maybe I just follow a decidedly negative group of folks. But, it leads me to tweet things like this. […]

Banning classroom technologies

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I’m coming to see student focus as a collaborative process. It’s me and them working to create a classroom where the students who want to focus have the best shot at it, in a world increasingly hostile to that goal. Yes, Clay Shirky, I hear you. This world has become increasingly hostile to those who […]

Disposable assignments and intellectual StairMasters

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David Wiley calls them “disposable assignments.” These are assignments that students complain about doing and faculty complain about grading. They’re assignments that add no value to the world – after a student spends three hours creating it, a teacher spends 30 minutes grading it, and then the student throws it away. Not only do these […]

Introducing #VCUALTLab

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Last week, the Provost at VCU formally announced something we’ve been planning for a few months. The announcement that went out to the VCU community by email was as follows: Dear Colleagues, Since 2000, VCU’s Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) has been devoted to helping VCU maintain and grow its commitment to high-quality, learner-centered education. […]

Twitter strategy

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For lots of reasons, it has been an interesting start to the new academic year. One particularly interesting development has been the number of high-level administrators at VCU who have joined Twitter in the last week or two.  Academic deans, vice provosts, the provost, and the president of the university. Yes, the president of the […]

a portfolio-ish thing

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“…>a portfolio-ish thing…” That’s language used by my colleague, Tom Woodward, in a great post (not page) on The Tao of Posts. I highly recommend reading it… IF YOU’RE A GEEK! No, actually, it’s an important post; Tom has shown me the light with respect to post-driven development in WordPress. Whereas Tom wrote more about […]

A challenge to the #thoughtvectors and #ds106 communities

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I have been waiting to reveal the video below for a while. I don’t remember exactly how we got here, but I know it’s the result of working with wonderfully zany and creative people. Shortly after we knew we would be teaching an open online course about research writing, which naturally includes helping students understand logic and […]