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Personality, personalization, and teaching in higher ed.

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In a return to the good ol’ days of educational blogging, Martin Weller wrote a blog post that has generated 49 comments as of this writing (which comes about 72 hours after he posted). I can’t remember the last educational blog post that generated as many comments so quickly. And, to add icing to the […]

More Connected Learning @ VCU

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My last two posts have highlighted connected learning opportunities offered through VCU. In the first post, I showcased courses taught by VCU faculty members with whom we’ve worked closely to design and develop their courses. The second post was about an online faculty development experience that we are facilitating ourselves. All of those are models […]

The Online Learning Experience (OLE)

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In my last post, I invited you all (both of you?) to follow and learn along with two online summer courses taking place right now. Today, I’m inviting you to learn and follow along with our signature faculty development initiative. The Online Learning Experience. It’s online learning for online learning. Nearly two dozen VCU faculty […]

Connected Learning @ VCU

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VCU ALT Lab’s commitment to “Connected Learning for a Networked World” is starting to take hold. In the coming days, I will be sharing some of the many connected learning opportunities that are popping up. For now, I’ll call your attention to two courses that just got started last week. Visual Poetry   The brainchild […]

Hacking the syllabus

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Today, at #VCUALTfest, Lyndsay Durham and I co-facilitated a “hackjam” focused on hacking the syllabus. I regret that we never got around to actually building or producing anything. But, we spent a solid 2 hours *conceptually* hacking the syllabus. That is, we had a reasonably small group of participants, but a vocal and energetic group […]

What does learning in #highered look like to you?

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If you’re reading this post, you probably know a bit about Minerva. If not, please consider reading on without first pinging the Google machine. If you do know some things, try to pretend you don’t know anything about Minerva before reading on. Seriously, see if you can clear and open your mind a bit… With […]

The Great VCU Bike Race Book

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Imagine your university was going to shut down for a whole week within the first month of the semester because the UCI Road World (bicycling) Championships was overtaking your city. Residential students could stay in their residence halls, but classrooms were to be closed and traveling to campus would be extremely difficult for non-residential students. […]

Higher ed’s big move? Part 1

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Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, delivered the 2015 Hays Press-Enterprise lecture at the University of California, Riverside on April 7. The text of his speech titled “Journalism’s Big Move: What to Discard, Keep, and Acquire in Moving From Print to Web”, as well as a video of the speech, is available on […]

Electronic surveillance and higher education

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These are only the stories that came across my radar during just the last 4 months.   Harvard secretly photographed students to study attendance (Boston Globe, 11/5/14) Harvard University has revealed that it secretly photographed some 2,000 students in 10 lecture halls last spring as part of a study of classroom attendance, an admission that prompted criticism […]

Announcing VCU ALTfest

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Here at VCU ALT Lab, we are driven by the act of transformation. Not only do we work everyday to transform learning experiences with and for VCU faculty, staff and students, we are also driven to transform the conversation around teaching and learning. For 3 days in May 2015, VCU ALT Lab and the Office […]

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