Tweet of the Day – 1/17/17 #365project

Today’s big event (for me, at least) was Betsy DeVos’s confirmation hearing. She’s been nominated by Trump to be the Secretary of Education and her hearing was a bigger train wreck than I’d imagined it would be. She’s TOTALLY unqualified. I won’t go on about it; maybe I’ll wrote more about it later.

But for now, it’s all about the Tweet of the Day… This morning, before the hearing, DeVos’s opening statement was made public for us to read ahead of time.  It wasn’t particularly detailed and it was about par for the vanilla course for an opening statement. But, it had me wondering what an opening statement would look like had it been written from someone who is completely ideologically different/opposed to DeVos. So, I tweeted using a hashtag and a concept that Jenn Borgioli Binis has used that I like very much, that being #PairedTexts. As you may know, I think that deliberation and logic and debate are perhaps the most important things we can help students learn in public schools and Jenn’s use of #PairedTexts has real practical legs, IMHO.

Jenn, never shy of a challenge, stepped up and actually produced her own opening statement as if she were going to be the Secretary of Education. Bravo to Jenn for that; it serves as a nice #PairedText to DeVos’s statement. I should probably do my own, and I think it’d be a GREAT exercise for any educator. Anyone else want to take a stab at it?

So, Jenn Borgioli Binis, you are today’s producer of the Tweet of the Day.

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