Tweet of the day – 1/18/17 #365project

The New York Times published an article today that suggested that Rick Perry accepted the nomination to head up the Department of Energy without knowing that he’d be in charge of our nation’s nuclear weapons arsenal. The opening to the article goes like this1:

I don’t know how accurate that assessment is, but it sounds about right given what I know about Perry. If it’s right, then,  I have so many questions. But, mostly, Lauren Kelley’s tweet gets at the heart of it. Like, how do you discover that and just be all like, “Oh, OK, whatevs. I got this…”? Do any politicians have any humility? I mean, these are nuclear weapons we’re talking about, not oil rigs. Is there no part of someone like Rick Perry that can be like, “You know what, maybe I’m not the right person for that job. I mean, the two prior Secretaries were nuclear physicists…”

So, yeah, Lauren Kelley, you get today’s Tweet of the Day.

  1. The stupid NYT doesn’t let you copy/paste text. Grrr… []

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