Tweet of the day – 2/10/17 #365project

Today was a day of reflection and introspection, as I’m doing lots of reading towards a research proposal I’m writing.

Amidst that work, I checked in on Twitter and the news periodically. To me, the story of the day was the immigration enforcement raids that are apparently occurring across the country. Couple this with the #MuslimBan, and, well, yeah…

On a few occasions over the last few weeks, I’ve wondered privately and publicly about GOP legislators and what they think and believe and do and say in relation to the words and deeds of President Trump and his team. For my own sanity, I have to believe that there are some actual “compassionate conservatives” out there who will ultimately do more than just shake their heads privately or even just comment publicly about disagreements. “How do they sleep at night?”, I continuously ask myself.

Similarly, I wonder if these “compassionate conservatives” read the sorts of things I’ve read about Steve Bannon and really grok the idea that he’s the brains behind his puppet, Donald Trump. Did they read the transcript of the remarks Bannon made to a conference inside the Vatican in 2014? Have they read the Politico piece about Bannon’s intellectual influences? And what about the articles from today about Bannon’s fascination with Italian Nazi-affiliated thinker Julius Evola? Those are in the mainstream outlets, and then there are analyses like the one Daniel Kreiss did of Breitbart News, which Bannon ran. I mean, we’ve now got a pretty clear composite picture of who Bannon is and what he believes, and it’s VERY scary stuff. And, he’s at President Trump’s side all of the time. And, two of the biggest policy efforts within the first 3 weeks of the Trump administration have been the #MuslimBan and now immigration raids.

So, yes, Gerry Canavan, it’s clear as day to me that the top priority of this administration IS ethnic cleansing. I don’t think that’s overstating it. Where are those “compassionate conservatives” who have the power to reign this in? I’m sure there are some GOP legislators who favor ethnic cleansing. But, I refuse to believe there aren’t a handful of GOP Senators (which is really all we’d need) who have any kind of moral compass.

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