Tweet of the day – 2/11/17 #365project

A tale of two tweets:

I get Judd’s point here, but I think it misses the point that those with “economic anxiety,” the “populous,” actually want to be attending black-tie affairs like Ivanka and Jared. They think (wrongly, IMHO) that Donald Trump is going to help them achieve that dream. Plus, I think the vast majority of people who voted for Trump, even those who are economically anxious, would have voted for any Republican.

So, I consider this tweet by Nicole Wallace to be more meaningful.

Those are the people I’m interested in; people who voted for Obama and thought they needed a change. I don’t think they, in particular, give a hoot about Ivanka and Jared going to a black-tie party. According to Nicole Wallace, those voters don’t like things that Trump is saying (or tweeting?). I’m interested in following the reporting on those particular voters.

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