Tweet of the day – 2/3/17 #365project

I fell asleep rather suddenly and unusually early last night. As a result, there was no tweet of the day. Again, I received about 1.5 million1 inquiries about this. Since I couldn’t respond to each of those, let me just offer a global apology here. I’ll try harder next time.

So, let’s pretend today is actually yesterday and that I’m blogging from yesterday. And, I’m telling you that Dan Cohen nailed it. If you missed the video of Swedish people diving from the 10 meter platform, I HIGHLY recommend it. I’ve embedded it below. I literally laughed out loud at multiple points. As one with an acute fear of heights, I related to a few of the folks on that platform. Actually, I probably would have quit halfway up the ladder.

And, yeah, opening up Twitter these days is a harrowing experience. Great analogy, Dan!

  1. actually, zero. Glad you’re all paying attention here… actually, I’ll assume you’re all too busy in #resistance []

1 thought on “Tweet of the day – 2/3/17 #365project”

  1. Jenny says:

    As one who dove in high school (and has a fear of heights) and one who is terrified of our current situation, this really struck me. I’m greatly enjoying your tweet of the day posts!

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