Tweet of the day – 06/01/17 #365project 


Top three reasons why Trump’s announcement that he is pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accord makes me so mad:

1. Climate change is real and we must act on it:

2. Hanging on to coal and gas is backwards looking:

3. We have ceded our role as the leader of an important global alliance. And, this isn’t just about the Paris Accord, it’s about our place in the world generally. Nationalism and isolationism are disastrous. Read through this while thread:

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the day – 06/01/17 #365project ”

  1. This tweet of the day may not have made me laugh (which would have been greatly appreciated today) but it is quite well done. An impressive use of tweets to synthesize your thinking. And that thread is astounding.

  2. Why, thank you. I do feel like this one took the project to another level.

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