Tweet of the day – 1/9/17 #365project

I spent most of today working on a report for a research project about girls and computing in K-12 schools. I won’t say much out of respect for the principal investigator on the project, but I really look forward seeing some of the findings from the research project when it comes time for the research team to disseminate them. We have a lot to learn about the lack of representation of women in the computing industry and especially the degree to which blame for those gender disparities rests upon the K-12 system.

Audrey’s tweet had me thinking about the research project. While I don’t know for sure that the technology described in the article to which Audrey shared a link was developed my men, I have a strong feeling it was at least developed by people who don’t have children. Or, maybe I just WANT to believe that; I don’t know. But, “Algo-parents” and “the AI Nanny State” is language that makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb. Silicon Valley needs a serious infusion of humanity/humanities and a good dose of the ethic of care. I don’t know if the research project I’m working alongside will ultimately help, but, basically, we need better humans developing better technology.

Also, Kin Lane already earned a tweet of the day, and I couldn’t let him live with bragging rights in that household for too long. So, Audrey Watters, today’s tweet of the day is yours.

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